Liya Garber

Kundalini Yoga Practitioner + Instructor

"You have to do first things first. If you do not accept your own dignity as a woman, all external trappings shall mean nothing. It has nothing at all to do with any man or with any relationship. Once you accept your own dignity, the whole world will come to you.” –Yogi Bhajan

 Women of the Moon is a program to liberate and heal the feminine on the planet. The teachings of Kundalini Yoga empower us to create a new rhythm in our minds, our cells, and our hearts to bring a new reality into being.

The intention of this gathering is to create a community of women who resolve to love themselves and to support other women on the path of self-love, infinite prosperity, healthy sexuality, creativity, friendship, and deep healing.

Yogi Bhajan gave specific teachings for women to follow during this strong time on the planet. These special teachings and tools will be shared to empower inner clarity and inner love. We will generate sacred space together that will allow deep healing to rise up in our hearts. We will bring presence and transmutation to our shadow with grace and clarity.

Women of the Moon is open to all self-identified women of any and all backgrounds.

Women of the Moon
Liya Garber
June 16 • August 4 • November 17
Sundays | 1-4pm
$40 per event (advance)* | $55 per event (day of event)

Yoga Tree Telegraph, 2807 Telegraph St., Berkeley
(510) 486-1989