Liya Garber

Kundalini Yoga Teacher

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September 6th | Friday | 6:30-9:30pm

Berkeley Shambhala Center | 2288 Fulton Street

Taught by Liya Garber with Special Guest, Naomi Love

A Womxn of the Moon Program Event

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Womxn of the Moon is honored to host Naomi Love for a special Womb Alchemy session. This is a special opportunity to connect your womb and heart. We will dissolve the walls around your heart and applify the heart’s capacity to connect with the womb space. We will reclaim our sacred center through Kundalini Yoga practices and the Art of Womb Alchemy.

This rare Friday night immersion will include specific Kundalini Yoga Kriyas (sets) for embodiment and healing, as well as chanting and sounding. We will journey to the sacred oracle of the womb, weaving a web of remembrance of the ancient feminine wisdom that lives inside of us. Then seal this practice with a healing gong bath. 

You will leave feeling present, connected, and inspired. 

Please wear comfortable clothes. Bring a yoga mat, blanket, and water bottle. Light snacks and warm herbal drinks will be served. 

Womxn of the Moon is a safe space for all self-identified womxn of any and all backgrounds.

$40 Advanced Purchase Online | $60 Cash at Door



Naomi Love is a Womb Shamaness, Wisdom Keeper, Medicine Woman, and Master Facilitator. Naomi has worked with over sixty thousand clients and trained over 70 practitioners through Wise Womb Medicine Path: a Living School Teaching the Sacred Feminine Temple and Earth Centered Healing Arts. Naomi meets you in loving presence and creates an impeccable container where magic is possible and miracles exist. 

Naomi is visiting us from Hawaii, and will also be offering one-on-one healing sessions in San Francisco for the month of September. Visit & to learn more about this healing work.

When the soul is awakened this vehicle of yours will be to nevigate your life. This is the way to find source inside of you. We are all on this path together.
You will need to generate the pressure of prana ( spirtual life force energy) and mix it with apana ( eliminating energy) when the two join you get the heat and activate the soul nerve or Kundalini.

This is how you can look into your future as your psychic powe is activated.
Kundalini Yoga is a tool to make this process happen.

3 classes focus on the first eclipse:
Saturday June 29th - 10:45:12:15 
Monday July 1st - 4:00-5:30pm 
Wednesday July 3rd 4:00-5:30pm 
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Liya Garber (Charan Kamal Kaur) is a Kundalini Yoga Teacher who creates a heart-filled, fun, and joyful way to calm the mind and align with one's inner truth. She brings a unique and special gift of laughter and humor to every class. She forms a special connection with each of her students with sincerity and grace.

Her yoga journey began in the heart of New York City where she lived a fast-paced life as a business executive. As the stress of this life began to affect her health, Liya turned to yoga and began to heal. The results were undeniable and she has been on a dedicated path of self healing and discovery ever since.

In addition to yoga, Liya studied deep esoteric Kabbalah, including the sacred Tree of Life and dream work, in Los Piramidas Del Ka, a school in Guatemala. She is certified in both Hatha Yoga and Kundalini Yoga and is a registered Kundalini Research Institute instructor. 

She currently holds weekly classes at Yoga Tree Berkeley. Her next day-long immersion is September 8th at Green Gulch Farm & Zen Center. Her next retreat will be in Costa Rica in February 2020. Visit to sign up for invitations to future events. 



Berkeley Shambhala Center

2288 Fulton Street #202, Berkeley, CA 94720

Near the Downtown Berkeley Station BART & UC Berkeley Campus