Liya Garber

Kundalini Yoga Teacher



Thursday Morning Sadhana
The Berkeley Shambhala Center

The brilliance of Kundalini Yoga is that the combined techniques do not ADD effectiveness but MULTIPLY with each other for a THOUSAND FOLD increase in effectiveness. Since you've attended my class before you know how powerful a little over an hour of Kundalini Yoga can be. Now imagine practicing for 2 1/2 hours. Now imagine practicing in a Buddhist sanctuary graced with the energy of many great meditators in Berkeley. And now imagine doing in the pre-dawn hours where rare quiet energy enhances the effectiveness of all of the above.

Our community Sadhana is practicing Thursdays at 4:30am-7:00am in downtown Berkeley.


  • 4:20AM Doors Open - set-up your mat and grab a cushion

  • 4:30AM Japji Meditation - If you're new, just listen to this poem of universal consciousness by Guru Nanak. Choose a meditative posture and mudra. You can also do breath of fire to build energy.

  • 5:00AM Kundalini Yoga Kriya - Set taught by a member of our community who has completed teacher training

  • 6:00AM Aquarian Mantra Chanting - You don't need to know any of the mantras to benefit from being in the vibration. If you'd like to sing along, you can print a Mantra sheet and bring it with you.

  • 7:00AM Finished and feeling radiant!

I know it may seem like a lot but you can lie down and rest at any point. The practice is done is very low light.

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Loose clothing appropriate for yoga and meditation. Kundalini Yoga is traditionally practiced wearing white clothing with a white head covering but you're welcome to wear any color. Bring a sweater or blanket to cover up with while meditating. Natural fibers are always preferred if possible.

Mat, blanket, water bottle.
You may like to have: journal & pen, tea cup, snack, sweater, meditation cushion.

Sadhana is offered every Thursday from 4:30AM-7:00AM. Please arrive between 4:20AM-5:00AM for Sadhana. There are instructions for how to be let into the Shambhala Center if you're running late posted on the door.

Bring cash or donate online in $10 increments. Your payment will go directly to the Shambhala Center to cover rent and bring more prosperity to this special temple in our community.

Berkeley Shambhala Meditation Center
2288 Fulton St #202, Berkeley, CA 94704
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metered street parking is free until 9am

Help! I’m a mess! Fix me! And at every turn, woman is consistently told what is wrong with her, what needs to be “fixed,” where she is not good enough. Contemporary women live in a constant state of instability and insecurity, chasing an unattainable perfection. How exhausting! Where is the happiness in that? Imagine the alternative: a woman living her life as a powerful, graceful, refined, dynamic, strong, spiritual being, constantly attuned to her inner frequency, and consistently adjusting and balancing her flow, in order to keep all systems working at their highest vibration. This most beautiful being, woman, lives her life in union with God. A woman needs inner vitality in order to experience happiness and fulfillment. Inner vitality is characterized by her self-esteem, her radiance, her physical glow and flow, her grace to face the challenges of life, her practice and discipline, which brings mastery over her power as a woman. This woman lives in the awareness of her inherent connection with all of life—and with her own Infinity. She lives as the Spouse of God. To live life in this way, a woman needs to make consistent, conscious choices—every day—that bring her to her own higher consciousness, and inner and outer vitality. With these consistent courageous choices, she creates a rhythm, training the mind and body to follow the soul. This is sadhana: making the choice—each and every day—to create a lifelong relationship with your soul through your daily spiritual practice.

At first sadhana can feel like you are giving something up in order to do it. It is difficult and can feel like a sacrifice. But as you progress, it becomes part of your rhythm of life; one day reaching a point where other things suddenly seem like they are getting in the way of your sadhana! When you reach this stage, you are in the state of aradhana. In aradhana, you are declaring who the real authority is in your life. You claim your power. You work it out—and in this conquering of your own ego, your own death, you match and merge your Authentic Self with your discipline. Then you experience prabhupati and become the Spouse of God. In prabhupati, and the peaceful, dynamic attunement to the flow of life, any conflict in your personality is gone. You move and your presence works; the universe co-creates with you.
— Yogi Bhajan.