Liya Garber

Kundalini Yoga Teacher

Women of the moon accelerator

40 Day Life-Upgrade Program 
Available Worldwide!

Limited to 25 self-identifying womxn ready to break through their limiting thoughts!

August 19th - October 7tH


Rediscover Your Feminine Power

This is the opportunity to have a personalized, intimate experience of guidance from Liya! In addition to Kundalini Practices, she will share her own teachings, wisdom, and personal practices & lessons in manifestation, healing mind loops, feminine liberation and more!

• Empowerment to tune into your destiny

• Dive deeper into kundalini teachings

• Create the space to heal wounds

• Get support to upgrade your life 

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What You are Going To Receive

  1. Weekly Assignments, Kundalini Yoga Kriyas & Prayers 

  2. Private Facebook Support Group + Weekly Emails

  3. Weekly Live Zoom Class + Recording 

  4. Focused and Intuitive Guidance on How to Upgrade Your Life 

  5. Kundalini Teachings for Womxn to Increase Your Radiance & Vitality  

Are You Ready for a Vibrational UpLevel & Life Upgrade?

Mondays (Moon Day)
8am-9:15am PST
1 hr 15 min [1 hr teaching, 15 min Q+A]

August 19 26 • Sept 3 (Tuesday after Labor Day) • 9 • 16 • 23 • 30 • Oct 7

$180 for 8 Sessions

We have limited space but unlimited love and healing to bring into our lives!

Many womxn come to me and ask for guidance and when they take action, they witness a tremendous growth and shift in their life. 

If you feel this is for you, jump on it and upgrade your life through your own epic power!  

"The times are crazy right now. Yogi Bhajan predicted them... he spent so much of his time teaching women, preparing them, giving them tools to pass down. He knew the time was coming when we would rise and say "no more."
This time is upon us. But if we want to rise with the power of our navel and our presence and not just the rage of our emotions, we have to do the inner work. We have to become crystal clear and intuitive, sharp and alert, calm and steady. "Keep up and you will be kept up!" Should be the motto of our times." - Gurmukh