Liya Garber

Kundalini Yoga Teacher

Women of the moon ONLINE accelerator

October 28tH
December 16th

MonDAYS @ 8-9:30AM Pacific



The world is shifting. If you’re not consciously accelerating yourself to the new pace of life it’s easy to get spun out and angry. If you’re not consciously relaxing between accelerations, you become exhausted.

Kundalini Yoga and Meditation was brought to the West to prepare our bodies, minds, and souls for our complex lives in the technology age. Yogi Bhajan predicted a time where we could look up any answer at the touch of a finger but humanity would be overwhelmed and confused.

We are here to birth the lifestyle of the Sovereign Woman in a way that our culture has never taught us. I was taught to be quiet, to be attractive, and to follow. I was taught that my worth was calculated by the prestige of my husband instead of my own work. We can no longer silently stand by as we live out the consequences of women not stepping into their power.

I invite every womxn to join me in creating the space to discover your own unique path to power. I’ve spent the last decade collecting tools and lifestyle changes that took me from sick and angry to healthy and joyous.

You are the creator of your life. You have to make the conscious decision to elevate your life.

Every day I use these tools to handle the stresses of mothering a 2 year-old, the challenges of running my own businesses, and the craziness of the state of the world.

We have the tools to change our collective futures now. Join me on Monday mornings for a life upgrade.

I can feel the walls coming down around my heart and mind. In a world where competition and each individual for themselves prevails, this group is serving to guide me back to the truth that together we rise and thrive. I am grateful for the space Liya holds and her gentle coaxing to keep diving deeper within. An empowering experience of remembering that I Am.
— Millie Fish

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What You are Going To Receive

  1. Weekly Assignments, Kundalini Yoga Kriyas & Prayers 

  2. Private Facebook Support Group + Weekly Emails

  3. Weekly Live Zoom Class + Recording 

  4. Focused and Intuitive Guidance on How to Upgrade Your Life 

  5. Kundalini Teachings for Womxn to Increase Your Radiance & Vitality  

Liya has been my teacher for about 4 years now and I have been continuously grateful for all of the wisdom and knowledge that she so freely shares in all of her classes.

I knew that by signing up for her Womxn’s Accelerator Program it was was going to be epic and life changing.
Starting the week with such an incredible teacher, as well as with such a beautiful community of like-minded womxn, this group has blessed my life in more ways than I had even anticipated.

I have now participated in both programs she has already offered and know that I will be signing up for many more. Sat Nam.
— Julie Viscuso


Mondays (Moon Day)
8am-9:30am Pacific

October 28
November 4 - 11 - 18 - 25
December 2 - 9 - 16

$280 for 8 Sessions

limited 50% scholarships are available, please apply here by October 14

We have limited space but unlimited love and healing to bring into our lives!

Many womxn come to me and ask for guidance and when they take action, they witness a tremendous growth and shift in their life. 

If you feel this is for you, jump on it and upgrade your life through your own epic power!